Timber logistics

Timber logistics

The transportation of timber can be demanding, which is why at IM Solutions we offer comprehensive solutions for the transportation of this type of cargo.

Our timber logistics are based on various modes of transport, including rail, sea and road. As a result, we are able to efficiently organise the transport of both logs and lumber.

As part of our logistics services for timber, we deal with:

overland transport by lorry, train and barge

transhipment from cars to containers

warehousing and storage of goods


weighing of containers

phytosanitary handling and certification

professional advice on certificates of origin, customs clearance and export confirmation

cargo insurance

Comprehensive transport services

We specialise in exports to the Far East and the Middle East; of course we also offer transport to other corners of the world. We handle shipments from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

For the transport of logs, we use the ports of Gdansk, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp, providing a comprehensive transport service from the point of loading to the port of destination.

We provide a professional timber logistics service to ensure timely and safe deliveries

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