Sea transport

Sea transport

Today, more than 90 per cent of global trade is conducted by sea. This confirms that maritime transport is a proven solution for transporting all kinds of goods to the most remote corners of the world! At IM Solutions, we have been organising this type of transport for over 30 years! We specialise in the arrangement of maritime transport: container (FCL), general cargo (LCL), bulk, liquid and oversize cargoes and dangerous cargoes.

We offer a comprehensive shipping service, specialising in the transport of sea containers to the most remote places in the world. As an experienced logistics partner, we offer a full range of services, including comprehensive logistics to complement the entire supply chain. Also, we provide professional cargo and volume positioning to enable efficient use of container space.

Our transport services include:

Transport of maritime containers

We specialise in container transport. Regardless of the size and type of goods, we are able to transport them in sea containers. In this way, we ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your cargo to the farthest corners of the world.

Comprehensive logistics

We offer a comprehensive logistics service that includes management of the entire supply chain. Not only do we transport goods but we also provide warehousing services and customs-documentation services.

Complementing the entire supply chain

Our services complement and integrate your company's entire supply chain. Whether you just need transport or additional logistics services, we are ready to meet your needs.

Deliveries and drop-offs in various modalities

We provide pick-ups and drop-offs of goods in various transport modalities. Whether you require transport by road, sea, rail or air, we can organise the right transport for your cargo.

Customs and documentation procedures

We take care of the customs and documentation procedures, according to the characteristics of the products being transported. Our experts in customs procedures ensure that your goods are handled professionally and legally. With our knowledge and experience, we efficiently complete customs and documentation procedures, specialising in veterinary procedures for class 3 goods.

Transporting any cargo

We are able to transport any load. Regardless of the type of goods, their specifications and requirements, we are ready to handle the entire logistics chain associated with your goods.


We provide a comprehensive door-to-door delivery service, which means that we handle the transport of goods from door to door. As a result, our team takes care of all stages of transport, from collection of the goods to delivery to the final destination.


We carry out transports on a just-in-time basis, i.e. we deliver goods exactly when they are needed. In this way, we minimise delays and keep your supply chain running smoothly.


This method of transport refers to the movement of goods and cargo by sea between ports in relatively close proximity. It is particularly popular in regions with a dense port network, such as Europe, where it enables goods to be transported efficiently between ports on different coasts. The short-sea transport offers a number of advantages, such as lower costs compared to road or air transport, greater vessel capacity and greener transport solutions. With short-sea services it is possible to reduce delivery times, lower transport costs and environmental impact. This provides a flexible and efficient solution for companies that want to move goods between ports in a cost-effective and sustainable way. For more information:

Advantages of maritime transport:

  • Transparency of costs – overall and detailed cost estimates.
  • Dedicated account manager – assistance at every stage of the assignment.
  • Cooperating with the best – proven shipowners and shipping lines.
  • Freight forwarding and customs handling – in export, import and transit of goods.
  • Warehousing – storage in warehouses and bonded warehouses.
  • Effective port operations – in many ports: Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdansk (Poland), Hamburg (Germany).
  • Door-to-door service – almost worldwide.
  • Short-haul transport – short-sea type.
  • Professional support – we represent our clients before state and other institutions with regard to the documentation necessary for customs clearance.
  • Comprehensive service – we handle all activities related to port handling, customs, cargo inspection and transshipment. Thanks to a proven network of partners, we offer our customers cargo handling worldwide.

Why is it worth it?

Many years of experience

With more than 30 years on the market and thousands of satisfied customers from a variety of industries, there are no impossible tasks for us. We specialise in custom , always proposing the best possible solution.

Competitive rates

Knowledge of the market and maintaining excellent relationships with subcontractors, we are able to obtain significant discounts and rebates for our clients and a preferential approach to our orders.

Cargo policy

We offer the widest range of cargo insurance coverage so that the goods are insured throughout the entire journey — including loading, unloading and storage. We carry out all the formalities for drawing up the insurance contract for maritime transport.

The goods we transport:

  • electronics
  • electric vehicles
  • toys and children’s items
  • groceries
  • printing machinery
  • medical supplies
  • textiles
  • ceramics
  • fertilisers
  • furniture
  • lumber, planks, logs
  • processed animal protein cat. III etc.

With our specialised containers and infrastructure, we can meet even the most demanding logistics needs. What sets us apart from logistics companies is our comprehensively organised service at every stage of execution and a dedicated account manager overseeing the cooperation and is in constant contact with the client.

Operating in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality system and have implemented the procedures required by the AQAP-2110 Edition D. In addition, our credibility and professionalism are evidenced by the certificates we hold and our membership of a global logistics association.

Feel free to contact our sales department. Our team will help you organise your transport, ensuring reliability and on-time delivery.

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