Air transport

Air transport

Air transport is the most dynamic branch of transport, allowing cargo to be transported in the shortest possible time. Due to the nature of this type of transport, it is recommended for high-value, perishable or urgently needed goods.

When choose air transport?

  • short completion times
  • carriage of valuable goods
  • transport of perishable goods
  • import of goods requiring a controlled temperature
  • medical transport

Advantages of air transport:

  • speed
  • global connections
  • time savings
  • availability of connections
  • efficient logistics

Our services

  • Intermodal solutions — air transport is part of intermodal solutions, where we combine the speed of air transport with the attractive price of sea freight.
  • The widest range of cargo insurance — our customer advisors specialise in air transport insurance. We offer the widest range of cargo insurance, providing protection for the cargo along the entire transport route, including loading, unloading and storage.

Why choose IM SOLUTIONS for air transport?

Modern solutions

We offer door-to-door, door-airport, airport-door, airport-airport transport.

Comprehensive service

Providing comprehensive service at airports around the world.

Efficient and quick

With air transport, we offer an efficient and fast customs service for export, import and transit cargo.

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