Cargo Operations

The services we offer include preparations of cargo for shipping in accordance with Customs standards and disinfection. We operate in Polish ports during vessel loading operations, as well as at any other locations on land as requested by the Client.

Since 2018 we have been providing cleaning, disinfection and cargo preparation services for NATO militaries.

Wash Facility

In our modern wash facility (open daily) located just outside the Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) at Port of Gdynia we offer complex cleaning of trucks, specialized vehicles, tanks, all kinds of machines (including building and industrial ones) and containers. We provide cleaning  of vehicles and equipment of any structure, all in accordance to the expectations and recommendations of a Client and in line with veterinary regulations. Our facility can accommodate vehicles of any kind, including oversized and overweight vehicles. It is operated by experienced team and equipped with high quality devices appropriate for performing  agricultural cleaning and disinfection.

Mobile Wash Rack

Our mobile wash rack is the most convenient, economical and environmentally-friendly portable wash station you are likely to find. Designed for all kinds of military equipment, including the heaviest tracked vehicles, it can be set up at any location at any time. We ensure closed-loop wash operations by using our water recycle system consisting of a water cleaning and filtration system, oily water collection pads and water barriers. We provide 80-ton capacity ramps for undercarriage cleaning and hot water pressure washers.  Our solutions are customized to your specific requirements.

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